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Exclamation Satanic New World Order Agenda Exposed!

You have got to see this site!!


Excellent read.
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Granny says, "Dat's right - dey in cahoots together an' gonna muck ever'thin' all up...

Carter Says Russia, China Potentially Threaten Global Order
Nov 08, 2015 -- Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Saturday accused Russia of endangering world order, citing its incursions in Ukraine and loose talk about nuclear weapons, and said the U.S. defense establishment is searching for creative ways to deter Russian aggression and protect U.S. allies.
Carter also expressed concern about China's expanding influence and growing military might, but he reserved his stronger words for Russia in his remarks to the Reagan National Defense Forum. National security experts and defense officials attended the gathering at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Carter said Russia is undertaking "challenging activities" at sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace. "Most disturbing, Moscow's nuclear saber-rattling raises questions about Russian leaders' commitment to strategic stability, their respect for norms against the use of nuclear weapons, and whether they respect the profound caution nuclear-age leaders showed with regard to the brandishing of nuclear weapons," he said.

His remarks were perhaps the strongest he has expressed about America's former Cold War foe. "We do not seek a cold, let alone a hot, war with Russia," he said. "We do not seek to make Russia an enemy. But make no mistake; the United States will defend our interests, our allies, the principled international order, and the positive future it affords us all." The backdrop to Carter's remarks is the reality that after more than two decades of dominating great-power relations, the United States is seeing Russia reassert itself and China expand its military influence beyond its own shores. Together these trends are testing American preeminence and its stewardship of the world order.

Carter, returning from eight days of travel in Asia, cited several pillars of the international order that he argued should be defended and strengthened: peaceful resolution of disputes, freedom from coercion, respect for state sovereignty, and freedom of navigation. "Some actors appear intent on eroding these principles and undercutting the international order that helps enforce them," he said. "Terror elements like ISIL, of course, stand entirely opposed to our values. But other challenges are more complicated, and given their size and capabilities, potentially more damaging." "Of course, neither Russia nor China can overturn that order," he said. "But both present different challenges for it."

He accused Russia of stirring trouble in Europe and the Middle East. "In Europe, Russia has been violating sovereignty in Ukraine and Georgia and actively trying to intimidate the Baltic states," he said. "Meanwhile, in Syria, Russia is throwing gasoline on an already dangerous fire, prolonging a civil war that fuels the very extremism Russia claims to oppose." Carter made clear that Russia is at the forefront of Washington's concern about evolving security threats. "We are adapting our operational posture and contingency plans as we - on our own and with allies - work to deter Russia's aggression, and to help reduce the vulnerability of allies and partners," he said.

See also:

Strykers Operate North of Arctic Circle for First Time
Nov 06, 2015 | Stryker armored attack vehicles were sent north of the Arctic Circle for the first time Tuesday as part of Operation Arctic Pegasus, an Army statement said.
Alaska's 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team operated four Strykers for two days during the joint, multi-agency exercise involving the Air Force, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and the North Slope Borough. An Air Force C-17 delivered the Strykers and about 40 soldiers to Deadhorse -- a town about 500 miles north of Fairbanks with a population of 50 and a small airport -- the statement said. The 1st Stryker Brigade regularly trains for rapid deployment to cold environments. Average winter temperatures in the area dip well below zero, with a record low of minus 57 Fahrenheit, the statement said. The wind-chill factor hit minus 96 in nearby Prudhoe Bay in 1989.

U.S. Army Alaska Strykers from Bravo Company, 3-21 Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, offload from a C-17 Globemaster above the Arctic Circle as part of Operation Arctic Pegasus at Deadhorse, Alaska

There is growing interest from nations in the Arctic region, as global warming slowly melts ice sheets that could create easier access to petroleum, heavy metals and fisheries. Russia is particularly assertive in protecting its Arctic interests. It is building two infantry brigades in the region equipped with vehicles to move troops across snow.

Russia is also remilitarizing Wrangel Island off Siberia's northeast coast, directly across from Alaska, said Steve Gardner, academic director at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in California. A Russian radar installation began operations on the island in October 2014. U.S. Army Alaska hosts the Army's only two brigade combat teams trained to operate in extremely cold regions, the statement said. The Stryker was a mainstay during U.S. operations in Iraq and was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the 2009 "surge" order by President Barack Obama.

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